June 19th, 2010


Gaming gamey games

So I'm setting up a new game and looking for interested people! Here's the first draft of the setting document:

1648 AD: The Awakening
With the war between religions exceeding a death-toll of eleven million people, the Holy Roman Empire decided it was time to put an end to the fighting. In the centre of the Vatican a ritual was performed to summon the power of God and direct it at their foes. The result was a very angry Goddess, woken by the ritual and furious that her children sought to use her power for such evil purposes. In the following week, all former religions were cast aside as the True Word of Gaia was spread across the globe.
Since that fateful day, the calendar has been reset. No longer do people praise a false God by naming a calendar system in "His" honour. The new Age is of Gaia's Awakening, and the present year is 362 GA.
With Gaia's Awakening, Her love flooded the world in the form of Mana, altering the course of history forever. Society has been reformed into two global castes; the Empowered and the Inspired. The Empowered are Gaia's "chosen", some say, for their power to control Mana is far greater than the Inspired. The Inspired, however, have a greater penchant for creating with materials of all kinds; but they have less affinity for magic. The Empowered are tasked with caring for the populace, while the Inspired are commonly believed to be tasked with forming lasting creations to please Gaia and those around them. The strange thing about the Empowered and the Inspired is that there does not appear to be any link between mortal heritage and one's state of being; Empowered parents have given birth to Inspired children, and Inspired parents have given birth to Empowered children. The state of a person's soul (Inspired or Empowered) is determined by Gaia, and made known to the parents upon their birth.
From 0 GA onward, scientific pursuits were traded for magical pursuits; though in those locations where it was already prevalent the scientific method was still applied to the research of magic. With magic so immediately a common part of society, Gaia provided the Laws by which magic should be used.
1. All Children are part of Gaia; do no harm to Gaia's Children with the Gift of Magic She gives.
2. The Empowered tend to the Inspired; those with power must use it for the good of others. The Inspired tend to the Empowered; provide for those who provide for you in turn.
3. Gaia decides when her Children return; no Child may decide when another Child dies.
At first, Gaia Herself enforced the Laws - harshly at times, when She felt it necessary - but in 54 GA She created the Enforcers. The Enforcers consist of both Empowered and Inspired, and they are tasked with upholding Gaia's Laws. They are the only sanctioned group able to pass out retribution for breaking the Laws.
Gaia was previously quite frequently seen by Her Children, but in recent times these interactions with the Mother have been dwindling in number. Many scholars believe this is because Gaia has come to trust that Her Children can care for themselves and each other as She wishes, and She feels little need to interrupt their lives.

149 GA: The Harmony
Many nations had developed the technology to cross oceans and various other landscapes before Gaia's Awakening, but with magic to focus on now, many had lost interest in exploring Gaia's surface. Thus it took almost a hundred and fifty years for all the nations on Gaia to be discovered. When all of Gaia's Children knew each other, Gaia expressed Her delight by blessing all Her Children with a language that everyone knew fluently in an instant. This new language was named Gaian, and while other languages remained, many of them died out quickly from lack of use as all the texts from that language were translated to Gaian.
The true wonder of this blessed language is that it holds the keys to magic. Before the Gaian language was given to us, sorcerers would experiment with old glyphs and rituals to conduct the flow of Mana. Speaking Gaian, one simply needs to utter the right chain of words and will the Mana to flow through them. This has also provided us with the correct runes for use in magic; whereas the sorcerers of old attempted using ancient symbols that had been thought to provide power - which, of course, did much less than originally thought. The true science of crafting spells is now studied diligently throughout the world.

347 GA: The Connection
Fifteen years ago, an Empowered man by the name of Klaus Portais was experimenting with a method of magical travel that could transport a person to anywhere on Gaia. His first attempts began in 336 GA, and he refined the art in 347 GA, naming his creation Portals. Klaus was not satisfied with the amount of ritual needed to create Portals, however, and in his efforts to form a more convenient method of creating a Portal, he miscalculated a glyph and created a gateway to another world; now known to be Vraen (pronounced V-ray-n). Vraen is the home of a race commonly called Satyrs (as their own title for their people does not translate into any human language, and is too hard to pronounce correctly with a human tongue).
After initial expeditions to Vraen, and first contact with the Satyrs, a spell was conceived to translate between the two peoples so that diplomacy could begin. There is now a Human settlement on Vraen and a Satyr tribe living on Gaia. As far as anyone can tell the Satyrs do not have a global community as Humans do but rather travel in nomadic tribes, competing for resources and their God's attention. While Gaia is Mother Nature, the Satyrs worship Vraen as Father Spirit.